Is employee assistance program free?

Cost of services All EAP services are free of charge. Participants can be referred to a community agency for treatment.

Is employee assistance program free?

Cost of services All EAP services are free of charge. Participants can be referred to a community agency for treatment. Employees who are not covered by the New York City EAP can receive services from their EAP agency or union. Since not all EAPs offer the same services, we recommend that you call your EAP agency or union for more information.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a network of free or discounted services to support your personal success and help you with daily challenges. An EAP provides outside counselors, resources and referrals to help employees and their family members.

Employee Assistance Programs

(EAP) are specific component programs that provide a variety of useful resources to DHS employees and their families, including resources for dependent care, financial consultations, legal assistance, counseling services, and referrals to a variety of other providers of services. The EAP provided by FOH is a comprehensive program that helps employees resolve personal problems that may adversely affect their work performance, behavior, health, and general well-being.

Whether you're caring for a child or an elderly family member, the dependent care specialists offered through Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) provided by components can help you efficiently assess your care situation and organize appropriate referrals to services of support available in your area. All EAPs offer a predetermined number of counseling sessions, usually one to three, at no cost to the employee to fully evaluate the problem before recommending a resource, therapist, or service to the employee. The DHS Management Directive for Employee Assistance Programs states: “Supervisors may grant a reasonable period of time during normal business hours to an employee to attend EAP counseling sessions during business hours. In-house employee assistance programs are generally only offered by large corporations with the resources needed to manage the services offered.

An employee assistance program can be a cost-effective way to add value to your employee experience. With a hybrid EAP, you could develop and implement an internal wellness program that helps employees eat healthy meals at work. It's best to address this problem head-on, and that's one of the main reasons employers create employee assistance programs. An employee assistance program (EAP) provides employees with support for personal and work problems that may affect their performance at work and the enjoyment of their personal lives.

As an employer, you have the ability to help your employees with these and other needs by providing them with access to services through your employee assistance program. See the list below to find the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contact information for your component. Continuing the substance abuse example, if your employee signs a consent form, the counselor could talk to you after treating the employee to provide limited feedback about their fitness for work. By helping employees address their issues and concerns, you can increase retention by earning the trust and loyalty of your employees.

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