Is employee assistance program good?

The idea is to address personal problems before they interfere with work performance. The employee assistance program is one of the main benefits offered by employers in North America for good reason.

Is employee assistance program good?

The idea is to address personal problems before they interfere with work performance. The employee assistance program is one of the main benefits offered by employers in North America for good reason. Employers know that the organization benefits when employees don't struggle with overwhelming personal stressors. There is research that shows that EPAs are effective, although the evidence is controversial.

Human resources professionals receive both positive and negative word-of-mouth feedback from employees who have accessed their organizations' EAP. Going to an EAP can be a great option in many situations. You might be surprised at the number of problems you can actually solve within the number of sessions you're given. And when you can't solve a problem in those sessions, your EAP therapist can still help you evaluate your situation and give you a good referral.

An employee assistance program treats workers as individuals and supports them and their families in difficult times. An EAP will help employees resolve those problems outside of work through counseling. This improves your mental state and your happiness, which increases your morale. Even if they don't use all of the EAP services your company offers, knowing that your employer cares enough to provide them with this type of support can also increase their commitment to your company.

The lack of participation also improved (28%) after the implementation of an EAP, according to the LifeWorks study. Making employees aware of other EAP services can make them interested in the program and can serve as a way to facilitate the topic of mental health in the workplace. By helping employees address their issues and concerns, you can increase retention by earning the trust and loyalty of your employees. In addition, the Association of Employee Assistance Professionals (EAPA) of Australia and LifeWorks have found that the application of EAPs in workplaces in 28 countries has seen a level of improvement of 16% in terms of absenteeism, presenteeism or work due to illness, satisfaction with life, difficulties Labor and employees.

engagement. Promoting the program throughout the year also helps encourage discussions about the EAP between employees and the company.

employee assistance programs

sometimes also help managers resolve organizational challenges by providing consultation and. Employees who understand that the company actively supports and encourages employees to seek help and improve themselves increase their trust in the company and, little by little, help them become comfortable with workplace issues related to mental health, exhaustion, stress, losses and illnesses.

All EAPs offer a predetermined number of counseling sessions, usually one to three, at no cost to the employee to fully evaluate the problem before recommending a resource, therapist, or service to the employee. While some employees may have different opinions about whether they prefer to talk to someone they're familiar with or not, this can make them feel uncomfortable opening up and sharing personal information, driving them away from the program entirely. Employers are increasingly offering employee assistance programs (EAP), often through their healthcare providers. The question that companies now face is whether an employee assistance program is effective in improving the mental health and well-being of employees.

The employee assistance program generally addresses employees who are dealing with drug abuse, alcoholism, financial problems, legal problems, work stress, personal problems, separation and loss, and family violence. The EAP admissions specialist verifies eligibility to receive benefits and then refers the caller to his specialized network of EAP providers that are geographically convenient for the employee or the employee's family member. As an employer, you have the ability to help your employees with these and other needs by providing them with access to services through your employee assistance program. Companies should keep in mind that while it's great that many employees use their EAP to the fullest, it's up to employees to decide if they want to talk to a professional about certain issues.

The purpose of an EAP is to support and help employees address issues that affect their health and work performance. . .

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